Anyone subject to asthmatic attacks is well aware of the critical feeling of imminent threat. Chinese Medicine has recognised and tended to the signs of wheezing and breathlessness for many centuries.

Chinese Medicine (CM) has well established frameworks for discriminating the different causes of wheezing and breathlessness, whether it is exterior Cold or Wind or pre-existing Phlegm or Lung deficiency.

CM diagnosis pays attention to the specific symptoms and body signs that any one person presents. The full range of Chinese Medicine skills including acupuncture, acupressure and Chinese herbal medicine offer a reputable treatment option for the management of asthma.

The Shen Adelaide team of Chinese Medicine Doctors has decades of experience treating patients with asthma.


Asthma in Adults: Level Two – Evidence of Potential Positive Effect 

Conditions with Level Two evidence have good support of efficacy, but require further research.


Asthma in Children: Level Three – Weak or Unclear Evidence of Efficacy 

Level Three evidence is applied to conditions that have not yet shown clear, consistent results. Keep in mind that any single study demonstrating a positive effect is insufficient; it is only after a series of consistent studies that science will draw a positive conclusion. And please also keep in mind that ‘lack of evidence of efficacy’ is not the same thing as ‘evidence of lack of efficacy’!

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