Acupressure and Shiatsu

The Japanese have a very particular style of manipulative bodywork involving the direct stimulation of points on the body with concentrated pressure. It is known as Shiatsu, which literally means finger pressure. Shiatsu is actually a combination of Chinese acupressure with traditional Japanese massage (Anma). Shiatsu focuses on the pressure points on the meridians, thus correcting metabolic imbalances as well as emphasising correction and maintenance of joints, tendons and muscles.

Shiatsu is not just a technique but an art form, relying heavily on the awareness of the practitioner for effective results. As such, one of the modern exponents of Shiatsu, Shizuto Masunaga, coined the term Zen Shiatsu. The story is told that he was treating a Meditation Master and after the treatment the monk said, "This is Zen between two people". So Masunaga's style of Shiatsu emphasises a close and empathetic rapport between practitioner and patient.