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What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

A Chinese Medicine doctor draws on a vast pharmacopeia of plant, animal* and mineral substances, carefully curated via classical principles. The vast majority of these herbs are leaves, roots and bark from various plants. The herbs are classified according to flavour, temperature and action and they are used to modulate the human internal environment. Cold, bitter herbs reduce inflammation; warm, nourishing herbs tonify the internal organs; aromatic herbs promote free circulation of blood and disperse pathogenic accumulations. In a reputable Chinese Medicine clinic, with a registered Chinese Herbalist, this medicine is safe and effective. It works with nature to promote optimal health without detrimental side effects. *At Shen Adelaide, the only animal products we use are gelatin, oyster shell and fossilised animal bones, all of which are good sources of calcium, phosphorous and other minerals.

The Chinese Medicine Doctor and Patterns of Disharmony

Chinese Herbal Medicine treats the underlying cause of health problems by focusing on strengthening the body’s ability to maintain internal balance and to heal itself. This is achieved by first discovering every patient’s individual pattern of disharmony. The understanding of these patterns of disharmony is the key to effective treatment. The Chinese herbalist will make a thorough assessment, including pulse and tongue diagnosis as well as palpation of the abdomen and acupuncture channels. Within the Chinese Herbal Medicine system, close attention is given to environmental factors and fundamental physics. The human body is seen as an interplay of primal forces, of heat and cold, of dampness and dryness, of upward and downward movement. All of these can be reinforced or dispersed or redirected, promoting the conditions for maintaining health & vitality.

Classifying Herbs

The full range of medicinals are commonly referred to as herbs for simplicity. Each of these are classified according to their nature, action, flavour, preparation, dosage, indications and contra-indications. The nature of an individual medicinal may be hot, warm, cool or cold. Its flavour will be one of the five classic flavours: bitter, acrid, sour, salty and sweet, corresponding to the principle of the Five Phases. Chinese Herbal Medicines can also be classified by their ability to effect particular Organs. Finally, herbs are often described as having synergistic or antagonistic relationships with each other.