Acupressure & Shiatsu Massage

All good Chinese Medicine practitioners use their hands, both for gathering information as well as for treatment. We look for areas of the body with increased tension, pain, inflammation, fluid retention, cold, etc.. This informs our diagnostic process and highlights priorities for treatment.

In using our hands we are connecting with you, the patient, in the most direct way possible. This is more than just a connection to your body, it is a connection to your emotional environment! And this process can develop into extensive application of Acupressure or Shiatsu which supplements acupuncture treatment.

These modalities are substantially equivalent: Acupressure comes from Chinese medical practice and Shiatsu is Japanese in origin. But both involve the direct stimulation of points on the body with concentrated pressure. By incorporating the use of these hand skills we are not only maintaining muscles, joints and tendons, we are also working with the meridians, the network of channels that interact with the internal organs, thus starting the process of correcting metabolic imbalance.

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