Psychotherapist Adelaide

All of us have been subject to intense emotional episodes when we have not been treated with love, wisdom and kindness.

Intense emotional episodes can linger for many years, leading to psychological distress and physical dysfunction. This is especially so for the traumatic events of birthing and childhood. When these experiences involve shame or confusion, fear or frustration, the emotions become set in our body’s memory and we develop patterns of chronic tension or armouring which can negatively affect our lives throughout our adult years.

The aim of Psychotherapy is to liberate the body from these unconscious tension patterns and to bring insight, understanding and greater contentment into our lives.

Deborah Burrows is a Somatic Psychotherapist, where somatic simply means the body. Deborah’s practice is body oriented, as distinct from analytical. Deborah has been facilitating personal growth and body/mind integration for decades.

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